Angus and Craig, like many great success stories, met at university on a ski trip in the French alps. Two years later they shared a student flat where a blackboard was added to the kitchen wall and where business ideas and interesting problems would be added daily. In was a fascinating time, during which they had some success with an Instagram account gaining over 200,000 hits online in a single 24 hours. Off the back of their small but focused Instagram following the pair started selling ski holidays online to young professionals in the final university summer.

From their ski business operations out of Angus’ parents dining room, a deeperccuriosity for the travel holiday industry was incubated. Over the following 6 months (during a highly successful ski season turning over £130,000) they recognised a far greater opportunity in the tours and experience holiday space.

Holibob is now nearing its first birthday, within this time the company has built an industry leading and coveted technology, recruited a 6 man team including ex Booking.com senior management and ex software providers for JP Morgan / Goldman Sachs, developed a supplier presence in 82 countries, signed some of the largest travel clients and been nominated for 5 accolades all off the back of minimal external financing. Holibob is on track to provided the B2B solution to the tours and experience industry. As business setting out to solve a problem in one of the largest markets on earth, and with an ROI to match, Holibob has delivered a considerable solution.

We are always looking for our next opportunity to bring investors on board and recognise that the right investor at the right time brings much more to the table than just their cheque book.

We’ve had the best starting 12 months an early stage business could wish for and we’re now looking forward towards the next stage.

Please get in touch if you would like to see what holibob could do for you…